How do I pay and what are the payment terms?

Payment is required in full for the forthcoming month. We invoice a month in advance on the 25th of each month. e.g Invoicing would be on the 25th August for September sessions.

Do you provide hot meals?

The club does not provide hot meals as we do not have access to the cooking facilities on site. We do however provide two snacks if your child is booked in till 6pm. These are to maintain your child's hunger until they get home - but not ruin their appetite for dinner!

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes. We do accept childcare vouchers. We can accept from: Edenred, Computershare, and Sodexo. If your company uses a different scheme - please let us know so we can set up an account with them also.

Do you pick up from clubs at the school i.e gardening club, multi sports etc?

Yes. We will collect your chlid from the club and sign them into the after school register. Please note however, we will still charge you for the full space - as, although they are not there for the full session, they will be allocated a space.

Is there a minimum number of sessions required?

There is no minimum number of sessions required, we are a very flexible club when numbers allow. So please do ask if you need a one off, or if the dates you require are based on shift patterns.

Where do I collect my child from at the end of club?

The club is run from the music room which is the located at the far end of the school.

How does my child get from the classroom to the after school club?

A member of staff from the club goes to each classroom and collects the children who are due to attend the club. They are then walked down the corridor to the music room and signed in on the club register.

Can I book a last minute space for my child?

Yes of course, as long as we have an up to date registration form for your child and we have the space to fit them in, you can book as last minute as you like.



07985 391206

This number will be available from 7.30am till 6pm Monday to Friday. But please do text or leave a message as all enquiries will be answered as soon as possible.


Emails are checked regularly and will be answered as soon as possible.

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